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Majestic: a Tribute to Journey

began in Ohio in 2018. After many shows with an established booking agency, the band re-established itself in Nashville after the pandemic. Now, with nationally-touring musicians, led by founding lead vocalist, Shane Russell (tributes to Foreigner and Toto), Majestic is performing all over the country, with plans to do even more. The show captivates the essence of Journey with an energetic, crowd-pleasing, and anthem-quality performance every time. Every musician is a devout Journey fan and devotes their epic skill at recreating the passion that is Journey.

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Shane Russell-

Lead Vocals

Shane has Performed over 4,000 shows in his career, and it all started in church as a singer and drummer, then  in school rock bands, Shane learned all about music at an early age. His dad, a guitarist and singer, taught him to drum in his bands as well. Paying his dues after high-school, he joined various cover and original bands, and eventually moved to Nashville. After the opportunity to perform on cruise ships and national touring with various artists, he found out about tribute bands. He became the drummer for a national Foreigner tribute and his eyes were opened to the potential of tributes. He later joined a ToTo tribute in Denver, CO and performs on occasion with them still. Being a life-long Journey fan, seeing them multiple times in concert, Shane joined a Journey tribute in Ohio, that quickly became a hit. When the pandemic hit, everything stopped.

Two years later, out of a pure passion to revive MAJESTIC, the stage is set to continue this wonderful Journey.

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Paul Herring-


Paul began playing drums and performing in a local country band from his hometown, Georgiana, Al, the boyhood home of Hank Williams Sr. The band, Hy Tyme, began opening for country acts, and has shared the stage with artists such as Shenandoah, Randy Travis, Bellamy Brothers, Exile, etc. After high school, Paul went on to college on a drum scholarship to perform in their jazz ensemble. Paul has always been involved in country bands, rock bands, blues, jazz etc, but cut his teeth on 70’s/80’s rock…specifically his favorite band of all time. Journey. Before joining Majestic, A Tribute to Journey, Paul played in several classic rock bands with some of Nashvilles top musicians, and more recently spent a short tour with the Mickey Utley band, performing larger venues including a short tour in the Caribbean, on the Norwegian Cruise ship Joy, with some of the best musicians from all over the world! 

“I am very blessed to be a part of Majestic with these great musicians that I also consider my great friends.” -Paul

Jeff Randolph-

Bass and Vocals

Growing up In Nashville, Jeff has been around music his whole life. Coming from a musical family, he started playing professionally at the ripe old age of 15, performing his first professional road-gig playing for one of the legends in Gospel music. He has since gone on to work with some the greatest players and singers from Country to Rock, Pop, and Christian music as well. He's played everywhere from the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman to some of the most iconic venues across this country. Jeff has performed extensively with nationally signed acts, as well as cover bands, from the US and Beyond. His many great experiences in life and music have brought him to that next great musical adventure… Being a huge fan of Journey’s music for as long as he can remember, the opportunity arose to join Majestic with a group of not only Great players, but more so fantastic guys and great friends! He’s found that next adventure, and it is surely to be Majestic.

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Doug Williams-

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Doug was born and spent his early years in Columbia, Tennessee and then moved to Houston, Texas at 10.  Playing professionally, as a teen, he joined Texas-based New Frontier. At 20 he came back to Tennessee where he played with numerous local bands, then the metal band Hexenhammer,  to numerous country acts and more.  He became a mainstay on Broadway Nashville in the late 90s and will still pick up a shift for a select few artists  on occasion. He has toured nationally with multiple country artists, most recently being with

Jason Michael Carroll. 

Texas influenced Doug heavily. Being too young to get into bars, he would listen outside to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn. From Texas Blues to Swing, he loved it all. 

Naturally, the 80’s vocal-oriented bands like Journey, Foreigner, and ToTo fit right into place and became his favorite styles and sound. 

On a personal note, Doug is a very devoted family man with his wife of 30 years, two daughters, and one precious granddaughter. 

Jody Serrato- 


Jody grew up in Rudolph, Ohio, immersed in a musically gifted family, rooted in country, bluegrass, classic rock, and mariachi. As fate would have it, Jody’s mother was given a piano when he was just 5 and immediately, Jody began playing commercials and many of the songs he heard on the radio. In his adolescent years Jody was invited to play classical concerts at nearby Bowling Green State University. With the support and the presence of his parents, by the age of 13 Jody was playing in a rock-n-roll band in variety of clubs around Bowling Green, Ohio. In the years ahead, he achieved local celebrity status with various successful bands, playing shows throughout Northwestern Ohio on the bills with such luminaries as George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Hal Ketchum, and Jo Dee Messina. “It helped that I had studied the musical styles of all the greats,” Serrato says, “from Ray Charles and Billy Joel to Stevie Wonder and Elton John. Journey, of course, was a massive influence. Lots of other players tell me the same.” He was also busy sharpening his songwriting skills. “I've been strongly influenced,” he adds, “by the lyrical genius of James Taylor, Pat Alger, Eric Clapton and Jim Croce, among others.”

Serrato and his family moved to Nashville in the early 2000s, both to get closer to where the hits were being made and to make contacts through several members of his wife's family who were prominent in the music business. In 2003, performing as a soloist, he was a regional winner in the Colgate Country Showdown. He has composed, performed and recorded for and with a variety of bands, including a two-year local and touring gig with Dale Malleck and the Midnight Cowboys, as well as with several other touring groups and dozens of Nashville pickers, before slowing down to focus on his writing. More recently, he's written, co-written and served as a studio musician on a host of country and rock projects. Serrato recalls that talking to Garth Brooks at a BMI party was his most memorable Nashville encounter. “I asked him for his advice about making it in the music business, and he said, 'I'll tell you what Billy Joel told me--” Don’t take any shit from anyone.” ' So far, it's worked for me.”

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